In September 1987 the First Annual Cognitive Rehabilitation Conference was held in Williamsburg. All major disciplines in rehabilitation were in attendance. A committee was formed to discuss concerns to providers. An informal organization emerged. It was called the National Society for the Study of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapies. Over the next few years a series of meetings were held.

In 1989 the participants voted to incorporate to formalize the network for cognitive rehabilitation therapists and others interested in cognitive rehabilitation services for clients who had sustained brain injuries and other neurological insults. A board was elected. They voted to change the name to the Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation as it was felt that this name more accurately described what the direction of the society was to be. An advisory board was established.

The formalization of SCR was an important step in defining cognitive rehabilitation therapy as a distinct profession. It is the belief of SCR that many different professional disciplines may suitably provide cognitive rehabilitation services but standards for training and experience must be established that pertain to all professionals involved regardless of academic background.

Since SCRs inception the society has been multidisciplinary and has encouraged examination of issues such as development of standards and ethics, and credentialling of professionals in the field.

Our first annual meeting was held in conjunction with the 4th annual conference on cognitive rehabilitation therapy in Richmond, VA on September 30, 1990. Our first independent applied cognitive rehabilitation training seminar was in 1993 in Atlanta, GA. It was followed by:

1994 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
1995 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1996 Austin, Texas, USA
1997 Chicago, Illinois, USA
1999 Birmingham, UK
2000 Albuqerque, New Mexico, USA
2001 Denver, Colorado, USA
2002 Maastricht, Netherlands
2002 Minneapolis, Minnessota, USA
2003 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The first president of SCR was Minnie. Minnie was instrumental in creating the society. Under her direction SCR worked with the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’s Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (ACRM BI-ISG) to develop the standards that have become CPCRT (Certified in the Provision of Cognitive Rehabilitation Techniques.)

After serving almost 3 years Minnie was followed by Charlotte. Under Charlotte’s presidency SCR became international and a European Branch was added to the North American Membership. After serving almost 3 years Charlotte was followed by Heidi. Under Heidi’s presidency SCR began an affiliation with The Journal of Cognitive Technology. Initially all members were eligible for a discount on the Journal. Later the Journal became a member benefit for all North American members. Also under Heidi SCR joined the electronic age and we became affiliated with Rick’s Cognitive Skills Website. After serving for almost 3 years Heidi was followed by Sydney Danziger. Under Sydney SCR moved further into the electronic age, SCR’s listserve began as did our own website. SCR developed a formal relationship with ACRM. The European
Branch was expanded into the International Division, to include anyone from outside of North America. Pamela became president at the Minneapolis conference. During her tenure as president elect, Pam has demonstrated superb leadership qualities. She developed a three year plan for the society establishing solid directions, she has worked hard on updating the advisory board to insure that all members have access to the expertise of SCR advisory board members.