Distance Learning

Distance Learning Courses

There are 6 modules to the Distance Learning training courses, which will take between 6-52 weeks to work through (although you can take as long as you like, dependent upon your other commitments). The length of time needed to complete each module depends upon the availability of appropriate patients in your case load and the amount of time you have available to study. We are often asked by people how much time they should allow. It seems appropriate to spend between 2 – 3 hours each week on the assignments and reading. However, if you have more time available then you can complete the modules more quickly, and equally if you have less time available you just spread out the work over a longer period of time. There really is no fixed limit.

An overview of each of the modules is shown on the linked pages below.

The advantages of this approach to training are:

You can study at your own speed
There are no travelling costs
You can adjust the time you spend on the modules according to your other commitments
You receive personal expert guidance and clear tuition
Payment is made per module, so buy the next module as and when you can afford it

It is recommended that a whole course is completed in the order presented. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the whole course.

The course involves a number of assignments that have been designed to check your learning and your practical application of the information to your patient/client group. These assignments can be emailed or sent via regular mail to the course tutors, who will provide feedback.

You do not need to work online as everything is downloaded to you.