cognitive rehab

Brainwave­R is a comprehensive pen-and-paper­based cognitive rehabilitation program that is divided into five hierarchically graded modules: Attention, Visual Processing, Memory, Information Processing, and Executive Functions. The program comprises three components:

(a) education–an overview of current theories relevant to rehabilitation that is designed to be used by the therapist with the client and family to ensure good awareness and understanding of the problem area;

(b) therapist instructions–rating scales, clinical guidelines, suggestions for how to involve the family, a performance summary chart, and questions to encourage the client to determine the functional relevance of each exercise;

(c) client exercises.

Each module contains up to 4 weeks of exercises that involve the client’s working for 1 to 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. The program includes a total of 223 different exercises, which aim to optimise the development of functional skills via education, training on basic cognitive skills, and opportunities for generalisation and strategy training.

A metacognitive component to each exercise helps develop awareness of deficits as well as self-monitoring and self-evaluation skills.

The modules are suited to persons with moderate or mild disabilities but may be adapted for use with individuals with more severe disabilities.